(Ma3) Advanced Mandarin Workshop for lawyers and other professionals – Corporate Finance and Banking in China

Date: 06 June 2023 (Tuesday) Time: 9:30am–5:30pm   Language: Mandarin  Level: Advanced

Trainer:          Cheung Wai Ying, Senior Mandarin Trainer, Central Learning Holdings Limited

Lawyer CPD /ACCA CPD / SFC CPT / Insurers’ CPD Pts:         7.5 points              Fee: HK$3,553

The workshop repeats on 04 July(Jul-1) and 12 September(S1) 2023  Tuesday from 9:30am to 5:30pm

Highlight: This is an advanced course providing Mandarin Training to professionals (including lawyers, accountants and bankers etc).  After an attendee has completed the course, such person should be able to discuss the terms of a listing prospectus in Mandarin with his/her PRC clients. The attendees should be able to pronounce the major terms of a typical listing prospectus and banking documents in Mandarin. This is a workshop type where each attendee will pay active role / interactive role to solve their daily difficulties and problem facilitating by our trainer. New syllabus will be based on the textbook “Putonghua for Legal Profession” written by 沈沂律師. The content includes 貸款與抵押、房地產交易、集資上市和商業事務等 and other work-related material carried by the attendee. Morning session focus on Corporate Finance and afternoon session emphasis on Banking and Investment Business.

  • Introduction the key words used in a listing prospectus such as: A) A summary of a typical prospectus, risk factors and corporate information; B) Key aspects of an industry overview / general overview of the company; C) Management; D) Key terms of financial information; E) Future plan and use of proceed; F) Expected timetable; G) Risk factors and corporate information ;
  • Continuing with the practice in the Mandarin by means of dialogue from texts and a role-play.
  • The content includes貸款與抵押、房地產交易、集資上市和商業事務等;
  • Will go through a few ISDA derivative documents in Mandarin; Concentrating on more practices for the individual attendee;
  • Corporate Finance Role Play; intensive Workshop; Discussion and Q & A
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